It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to manage and restrict access to their premises. Companies need to make sure that their personnel and property are secure from the potential
threats of violence, theft and vandalism.
From a single, stand-alone door to complex computer based systems covering hundreds of doors
or entry points, an access control system can provide
an unobtrusive, but highly effective, safeguard against unauthorized entry.
Temple's engineering team has the skill and experience needed to advise on the best possible access control solutions including the latest biometric
technologies using palm, finger print and eye recognition readers.

Offering a bespoke service Temple can also link access control into Windows based program allowing activity to be logged and stored on computer.

Controlling unauthorized entry
All systems installed by Temple are followed up with full on-site training and are backed up with a comprehensive servicing and maintenance program.
If required, the system may also be networked into the building's CCTV, fire and intruder alarms.