Temple Security Private Limited is an independent, reputed company operating in collaboration with Temple Security Limited, UK , in India . We have our own 24-Hour control centre, which is equipped with state-of-the-art, communication, surveillance and computerized monitoring equipment.

Finding the right Security Company is often easier said than done. Choose a large organization, and they might give you an off-the-shelf package that fails to meet your specific requirements.

Temple Security offers the best of both worlds combining the resources of a large organization with the personal approach found typically in only a smaller, family run company.
Temple Security Limited, UK, one of the largest privately owned, SIA approved security organization in United Kingdom with its headquarters in London and regional offices in Manchester, Birmingham, Rotherham, Dundee, Belfast and Sunderland, operates all over UK , employs more than 3000 people and has a turnover in excess of GBP 20 million.
A market leader in providing both Manpower and Electronic Security Solutions-
Temple can also provide using the latest technology designing, installation and maintenance service for CCTV, access control, alarm and fire systems.

Finally, with ISO 9002 and NSI (National Security Inspectorate, UK) accreditation, clients can rest assure that all aspects of the service are of the highest quality and conform to latest standards as we understand the sensitivity of security business and the importance of providing professional and specialized expertise in accordance with the requirements and also to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

Choose a small company, and they may not have the resources and the expertise to deliver the service.
The success of our Manned Guarding Services can be attributed to our approach to this business. The guarding personnel are direct employee of Temple Security Private Limited. They are carefully selected, thoroughly vetted and properly trained. Temple Security guards are smartly uniformed, equipped and well supervised.