The key to a successful manned guarding contract begins at the interview stage. Temple only selects individuals of good, smart appearance of the right caliber and intelligence to match the requirements of clients.
Applicants will then be vetted over a 10 year period or as far back as their school leaving date, depending on which is the earliest. Upon satisfactory completion of the vetting process the applicant is offered a permanent position subject to successfully completing Temple 's training program at the Temple Security Academy located at Dehra Dun .
Training initially consists of an intensive in-house course covering a wide range of subjects including health and safety, fire prevention & fighting, Self–Defense, Emergency Procedures, civil and criminal law, report writing and customer skills, the company also conducts tailor made training programs for large industrial and business houses.
Armed/Unarmed Security Guarding Services
A professional approach
The next crucial step in running a successful manned guarding contract is appointing the right individual to the right assignment. Temple does not simply place a guard on site but strives to match his qualities with desired client image and corporate culture.
On the job training will then follow with the new employee being put on a probationary period under the control of a designated manager.
Regular communication with a direct line manager helps to minimize staff turnover and Temple's guard retention rate is unrivalled in the industry. This also clearly benefits the client who receives the same reliable guards, familiar with their premises and way of working.
Temple's ultimate goal is to develop a loyal and committed guarding force that takes pride in its work. Success is finally achieved when the guard, in addition to being a Temple employee, also feels like a member of the client's own team.