A patrol management system can be installed at the site in order to verify the completion and frequency of any mobile visits. The clocking in points can be located at key areas of the building including fire exits and rear access entry doors.
Out of hours security inspection visits or 'mobile patrols' can, in certain situations, be an effective alternative to site based security guards.
These mobile patrol visits might only consist of a simple check to the external perimeter of a building but could also involve a full internal inspection, checking on all windows, doors and fire escapes, locking up and setting the alarm.
Clearly displaying Temple Security 'warning boards' at strategic points around a site can also be a useful deterrent. Regular mobile inspection visits combined with the use of these warning boards can provide a more cost effective solution than conventional manned guarding.
Mobile inspection visits can give clients that extra peace of mind particularly when their premises may be vacant or in vulnerable locations such as remote business parks.
An alternative to site based security guards