Whatever the need, Temple has both the engineering capability to install the system and the control room infrastructure to provide the monitoring back up.
With ever increasing employment costs electronic security solutions are becoming more and more popular.
In simple terms, remote monitoring involves linking an intruder alarm to a CCTV system. When that alarm is triggered (by any number of detection devices), a signal is sent and pictures are automatically transmitted down a telephone line to the designated Temple Control Center. The Temple controller will then immediately start recording any activity and determine what course of action to take. This may involve mobilizing the nearest Temple patrol vehicle, calling the Police or simply warning off any intruders by using two-way audio.

Remote monitoring technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated and can be adapted to suit a variety of needs. For example, entry barriers or gates can be activated using two-way audio and access controlled, out of hours, when there may be lower volumes of traffic.

Keeping a constant watch over your premises
Temple is able to offer remote monitoring services that can, in certain situations, provide a viable and cost effective alternative to site based security guards.