The Beginning of Your Peace of Mind
We're ready to stand guard now!
We provide proficient Security Personnel to Embassies & Consulates, Hotels, Hospitals, Banks, Shopping Malls, Corporate offices, Office Complexes, Industrial units, Residential Properties & Complexes, Night Clubs and Event Organizers.
We provides smartly uniformed, highly trained and well supervised guards who are responsible for security and safety of assets, personnel and property against losses due to theft, pilferage, intrusions, fire, flooding and accidents
When we are in your area, you are safe to work, stroll in the park, go shopping and enjoy your leisure time in a safe and secure environment.
To ensure effectiveness, we have a support system which comprises of three components, viz Director Operations, Operation Center and 24-hour Response Team. In addition, a Central Assessment Team conducts periodic assessment to ensure efficiency in operational readiness, customer service, administrative and logistical readiness.